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Figaro- 11 Year Old Mule - 16 Hands

Figaro has all the class, experience, and talent you could ask for in a mule. He is out of a Black Bart jack (Windy Ridge Maximillian) and a nice paint mare. He is 11 years old and 16 hands.  Figaro has great conformation, is thick made, but refined. He has beautiful movement. His time with us has been spent ranching, trail riding, packing, and playing at gymkhanas and rodeos. On the ranch, he has gathered and sorted cattle, roped calves, and helped start young colts; he has even worked buffalo. He has been on the trails in the Rockies where he has seen all sorts of wildlife, and he's been on the trails in town full of cyclists, strollers, vagrants, and dogs. Figaro is smooth and moves off legs and direct or indirect rein. He rides off alone or in a group. He is sure footed in rough terrain and calm in the storm. He crosses water and bridges with ease and is not bothered by traffic and machinery. Figaro is easy to catch and always ready for a big adventure. Figaro trailers well and is good for the farrier. His full sale video will be available closer to sale day. Please call Oly at 970-556-4820 for more information or to set up a time to come meet Figaro at home before sale day. The most current pictures and video clips can be found @stockworksinc on Facebook/Instagram.


Figaro is hip 36 at Jake Clark’s Mule Days on June 18, 2023 in Ralston, Wyoming.  In person and remote bidding will be available. Go to for more information about the sale.  More video will be available closer to sale day.


Gait’n Zumba (13 yr old; 15 hands) is the product of a lifetime of knowledge and experience by W. M. “Del” Petty, and he hit his mark with this mule. This is the only time that Zumba has been offered to the public. Zumba came to us from Gait’n Junction in Grand Junction, Colorado. She was born in 2010 out of a standard gaited jack (“Pretty Boy Floyd”) and a registered RHBAA, USTA, and KMSHA mare (“Call Lady”). She was started properly and had an excellent foundation and work ethic instilled in her through knowledgeable upper-level trainers. Zumba was imprinted from birth and started with cart, ATV training, and usual ground and trailer work. After going under saddle, Zumba went to a hunting camp and was packed. Her time with us has been spent trail riding, working on the ranch, and having fun in the arena. She is smooth, sure-footed, confident, and competent on the trails. We have had her in the high Rockies covering rough terrain, crossing creeks and bogs, and going over deadfall. She has seen all types of wildlife. She will drag enough wood, in one trip, for the whole night… and breakfast. She has also been on the congested trails of Fort Collins, surrounded by bicyclists, joggers, strollers, dogs, and vagrants. She has been around traffic and has crossed bridges. In the arena, she is loping nice circles, handily picking up both leads, shoulders in, haunches in, half passes, and side passes both ways. She has a floating trot and lots of action. She has moved and roped cattle, packed salt, and checked fence on the ranch. From a family perspective, Zumba has been a pleasure to be around. She is gentle and mindful around all of our kids. She is easy to catch and saddle. She is good for the vet and farrier. Zumba is savvy, multifaceted, kind, supple, bridle-wise, and genuine. More videos will follow. The most current pictures and clips are on Facebook/Instagram @stockworksinc. Call to set up a time to meet Zumba. Zumba is currently available through and you can see all her info at:

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