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About us

We are a small, family run business offering the finest horses and mules, beef and goat meat on the hoof, started herding dogs, and various livestock related services. Located northeast of the town of Nunn, Colorado, our working cattle ranch borders the Pawnee National Grasslands. Like most ranching families, the entire family is involved in the everyday function of the ranch.  From checking cattle to shooting horse portraits, this is a family affair.  

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Horses & Mules

We are proud to offer some of the finest, most well rounded horses and mules in the country.  From weanlings to adult saddle horses and mules, we usually have a variety to choose from. Our saddle horses and mules are exposed to trails in the mountains, prairies and cities, arena dry work and performance, and ranch work.  However, each one is an individual and may excel at different things. Our horses and mules are also exposed to different riders and handlers. They are not just "one person" mounts.

Oly grew up on the family ranch near Canon City, Colorado.  Here, he first learned about training horses from his mom and dad, and he started his first horse at 14 years old.  He was hooked after that.  After leaving home, he traveled the country working at various ranches and learning from some of the handiest trainers.  He learned different styles of training and horsemanship.  

Beef & Goat Meat

We are excited to offer both beef and goat from our home raised herds. Our happy cows have hundreds of acres of native grasslands to graze and may be finished on either on grass or grain. Beef is available in quarters, halves or whole and you choose how it is butchered. Our goat herd is a commercial Savanna herd with beautiful white, blue and red roan colored goats. Kids are available live or meat is only available whole.  Please contact us for more information.


Working Dogs

Working dogs have the instinctual ability to control the movement of other animals, and they are a big part of our ranch. We have bred our line of border collies for 8 generations and are continuously amazed at their grit, eye, athleticism, and intelligence. Occasionally, we will bring other breeds in for training and are happy to offer a variety of started working dogs. 

Photography/Videography & Consignment Services

Cristina is responsible for most of our photos and videos and is happy to offer those services to the public as well. From portraits to full auction length videos, she has experience selling our own horses and brings that knowledge to help you market your own horse.  Scroll through our "Sold" page to see the types of images produced.  Our video portfolio can be seen on our Stockworks, Inc. channel on YouTube.

Consignment services are also offered for select horses. We will handle any training or tuneups that your horse may need and all the marketing to place your horse in a good home.

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Veterinary Services

Cristina is a 2006 graduate from Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  In 2007, she completed her Master of Science in Beef Cattle Production Medicine.  Now, she offers limited services in the northern Colorado area for a variety of animal types. Services include preventative medicine, care of minor injuries and illnesses, and herd health work.  

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