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AQHA- Zip Kitty Zip – 13 YEAR OLD MARE 

The possibilities are endless with Tilly (Zip Kitty Zip). With all the elegance and class you could ask for, Tilly is ready to turn heads whether you are trail riding, showing, or working on the ranch. She has been fun for the whole family. She has been an absolute angel on the trail. We’ve had her in the high Rockies, busy municipal trails, and the wide-open prairie. From traffic, bicycles, strollers, and joggers to elk, moose, fowl, and the occasional bear, Tilly has seen all types of wildlife. Tilly has also been around plenty of livestock too. She crosses water, bogs, deadfall, rocky terrain, and railroad tracks. Tilly rides out in a group or alone and does not care where she is in the pack. On the ranch, Tilly has moved cattle and is started roping calves. She is seasoned in the arena as well. She has a rocking chair lope. Tilly has smooth transitions through the gaits and picks up her leads. She moves off the seat and leg cues and has a one-hand neck rein. Tilly will also side pass to pick you up off anything. Tilly has excellent ground manners, is good to catch, saddle, and bridle, and loves to be groomed. She is easy to load and backs out of the trailer. She stands well for the vet and farrier. More videos will be coming out soon, and you can always see the most current clips/pictures on Facebook/Instagram @stockworksinc. Call for more information or to schedule a time to meet Tilly.


Flint - 5 Year Old Quarter Horse Gelding - 14.3 hands


Flint is a handsome grey 5 year old, 14.3 hand gelding that we had the pleasure of starting last year. He has impressed us with his intelligence and willingness. He is friendly and ready to go on your next adventure. Flint responds well to leg cues, direct and indirect rein, as well as voice and seat commands. He has been ridden on municipal trails, in the mountains, and on the ranch and feedlot for work. Light arena work and ranch sorting rounds out his resume. He has been exposed to tarps, balls and flags. He crosses all sorts of water, deadfall, rough terrain and bogs. From mad dogs and potential Tour de France participants in town to bears, bucks, and ducks in the mountains, Flint has seen most everything and has handled them with ease.

Flint is Hip 9 at the Cody Horse Sale on May , 2023 in Cody, Wyoming.  In person and remote bidding is available.  Go to for more information about the sale.  More video will be available closer to sale day.

Watch his videos and for more information or to schedule a ride on Flint before the sale please give us a call. See the most current pictures/videos at Stockworks Inc on Facebook/Instagram.


Weston - 5 Year Old Draft Cross Gelding 15.2/3

We have had this 5 year old dun draft cross gelding since he was a weanling. Weston currently stands 15.2/3. He is thick made with correct conformation and plenty of mane and tail. Despite his age, he has been a great trail companion to our 8 year old... carrying him up the mountains, in Fort Collins, and across the prairie. He has worked cattle on the ranch and feedlot. Roping, sorting, gathering, working gates, and starting colts... Weston has done it all. Weston has also spent time in the arena... from loping circles, to ranch sorting and starting on working equitation. Tarps, balls, whips do not phase this guy, and he will drag anything you need. He will also come to pick you up off whatever you might use for a mounting block. He has been healthy with no history of lameness or colic and is current on vaccinations. We have radiographs available from last July if interested.


Sinatra - 4 Year Old Pony Gelding - 13.3 Hands

Sinatra is a striking 4 year old, 13.3 hand pony gelding. He is a beautiful, dark dapple grey with unique blue eyes. If his looks alone didn't catch your eye, his movement, action, and friendly, pleasing attitude would. He is a quick study and picks up new things easily. He could definitely excel in the English disciplines with a little time. He has been ridden by our 12 year old daughter all over on trails in town, on the prairie, and in the mountains. He has been exposed to traffic, bicycles, strollers, dogs, backyards, joggers, water crossings, wildlife, and even a drive thru. On the ranch, he has been used to gather and trail cattle and has even roped a few calves. Sinatra has also spent time in the feedlot, sorting cattle, working gates, and shipping. Check Facebook/Instagram @Stockworksinc for the most current pictures and video and call to schedule a time to meet him at home in Northern Colorado before the sale.


Sinatra is Hip 70 at the Cody Horse sale on May, 13, 2023 in Cody, Wyoming.  In person and remote bidding is available.  Go to for more info about the sale.  More video will be available closer to sale day.





Wily Sun Driftn – AQHA 3 Year Old Gelding – 14 hands


Hudson is an exceptional young gelding with a big future ahead of him. From the start, he has been quiet, willing and easygoing. He is people friendly and will meet you at the gate. He is intelligent and a quick study with a born-broke temperament. He has a solid foundation and an age-appropriate start. He has been exposed to all the sights on the trails from wildlife, bicyclists, strollers, vagrants, rocky terrain, bogs, and deadfall. He has worked on both the ranch and the feedlot... he has roped calves, sorted cattle, and worked gates. He rides in all types of weather. Hudson is also easy on the eyes with a deep rich color and classic quarter horse conformation. Don’t miss out on this good one. Go to Stockworks Inc on facebook/Instagram for the latest pictures and videos and call to set up a time to see Hudson at home in Northern Colorado before the sale.


Hudson is hip 30 at the Cody Horse Sale on May 13, 2023 in Cody, Wyoming.  In person and remote bidding is available. 

Go to for more information about the sale.  More video will be available closer to sale day.

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